TWH: Black August

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My latest article for The Wild Hunt, “Black August,” is up.

Black August originated in the 1970s following the August 7, 1970 deaths of Jonathan Jackson, James McClain and William Christmas during a prisoner liberation and hostage-taking at the Marin County Courthouse and the August 21, 1971 death of George Jackson during a prison rebellion in San Quentin.

Black August also commemorates numerous other significant moments in black history including but not limited to the Haitian Revolution, which began on August 21, 1791 and was preceded by the Vodou ceremony at Bois Caïman on August 14, the slave rebellions led by Gabriel Prosser on August 30, 1800 and by Nat Turner on August 21, 1831, the founding of the Underground Railroad on August 2, 1850 and the Watts rebellions in August, 1965.

6 responses to “TWH: Black August

  • aediculaantinoi


    Is there always a disclaimer at the end of articles like this on TWH? I had not noticed one before, but I could have just missed it…

    • Neve

      I thought the same thing, PSVL!

      • aediculaantinoi

        Yeah…I mean, it should be obvious to most people, I suppose, but that’s often why it is better to mention certain things…

        But, maybe in this case, they wanted to be extra careful in making clear “We at TWH don’t think you should kill Whitey.” (Not that Heathen Chinese said or thinks that–at least any more than necessary [!?!]–but I suspect some people may read it that way and then throw what few critical faculties and restraint they have out the window after that, and either fill the comments section with racist bullshit or write to Heather Greene & co. with the same sort of thing privately.)

        I’m reminded of what Wanda Sykes said once: “People talk about ‘reverse racism,’ which doesn’t make sense, because ‘reverse racism’ would be doing nice things for people because they’re Black. When people talk about ‘reverse racism,’ what they’re really talking about–that’s called ‘karma.'” 😉

      • Heathen Chinese

        The disclaimers at the bottoms of columns started at the end of last month and have been at the bottom of almost every column since then (minus one). The first one was on Alley Valkyrie’s July 29 article. The second one was on my July 31 article on recent shootings of police officers.

  • Chris Hughes

    I’m helping out at a QTIPOC healing land project that’s just starting in southern Oregon (, and I thought you might be interested in an upcoming event they’re hosting ~ it’s a Playbor (play+labor) Party in mid-October to help prepare the land for its Grand Introduction in November and its Grand Opening in Spring. If you can’t make it, maybe youcan help get the word out? The Facebook event is at

    Thank ou!

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