An emergency call from so-called North Dakota

I received this text in an email, and would like to share it with anyone reading this blog.


An emergency call from so-called North Dakota to all witches, pagans, and co-conspirators of earth centered spiritual faith to join us in resistance

This is a call. Not to be heard, but felt. A call to be moved. A call to action.

Many of you now know of the struggle of the Standing Rock Sioux and innumerable other indigenous nations against the Black Snake called Dakota Access Pipeline. The prayer and action camp at Standing Rock has been sustaining a vibrant community in resistance to the pipeline since the spring, slowing down construction and withstanding militarized police harassment on a near daily basis. The 20 mile injunction placed on construction by the federal government has been lifted, and construction is now within just 6 miles of the Mni Sose River and the encampment. The battle has entered its most decisive moment.

Our indigenous relatives from across Turtle Island have come here to continue a struggle that has been kept alive for over half a millennium. They have come here as the original and sovereign land tenders, earth defenders, and water protectors of this place. As the original walkers of the path of right relationship. They have come here to take back power and to show leadership in the fight against exploitation and commodification, against the culture of colonization and inquisition, and for a healthy and bountiful world.

We are humbled and inspired by their initiatives, and unconditionally support them. Now is the time for us as allies in this anti-colonial struggle, to call upon our fellow comrades to join us on the battlefield.

To all who pray to our Earth and the water that cleanses her and brings forth life. To all who cast a circle and call in the elements, spirits, gods and goddesses, and deities; who ask for guidance from the spirit world. To those who listen to the ancestors as our descendants lay and wait. To those who align themselves with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and the tides. For whom the cycle of life and death does not instill fear and aggression, but strength and comfort. To all who know how to listen.

It is time now witches, to deepen our work not only of casting spells and hexes, but of breaking them. We call forth the de-spelling of individualism, empire, spectacle, domestication, and whiteness.

It is time now witches to join us. Join us in spirit and join us in humility on this land. Bring your magick. Bring your prayers. Bring your bodies to the frontlines to protect all of creation. Come ready to take decisive action to kill this Black Snake. Come ready to follow in the path of indigenous warriors. We call you to join a frontline battle in a spiritual war that has been raging for centuries. A war against a dead civilization for all life on earth.

If you cannot come in body, take action from afar; the form of life of our enemies pervades all around us. If you cannot come, pray, cast, gather the coven, go to the wild, hold ritual, plan attacks. Ground yourself and continue to do the work. Continue to be moved.

We toss you a bundle of thread sweet witches, from the beautiful homelands of the Oceti Sakowin in each direction. It is the thread of centuries of resistance. Weave with it.

-A Clandestine Coven at Standing Rock

5 responses to “An emergency call from so-called North Dakota

  • aediculaantinoi

    So noted…I can’t do much at present, but prayers will certainly be said during our Sacred Nights of Antinous celebrations this week, and word will be passed along tomorrow as well (which happens to be Ophidia–a good day for fighting the bad snakes and elevating the good ones!).

    • Heathen Chinese

      I can’t travel there either, but prayers are always of value. Ophidia sounds like a good day for such prayers.

      I read some moving quotes in an LA Times article:

      “But you can’t fight prayer,” Restoule said with a smile. “That’s what keeps us together. We are not alone.”

      Just ahead, on a hillside, two young men, one Lakota and one Dakota, sat still on horseback, facing west. They were security scouts and would identify themselves only as “spirit riders.”

  • Damocles Loraine

    I am glad to hear your call for it is needed. I work at but one spell, restoring that which makes us “Great, good and joyous, beautiful and free”. That all may reach enlightenment. Countless others have done this for millennia and the more the better.

  • Sacred Nights of Antinous 2016–Ophidia | Aedicula Antinoi: A Small Shrine of Antinous

    […] at present, to which I would like to draw your attention. My friend, colleague and co-religionist Heathen Chinese has posted in his blog relaying of a message from the Standing Rock Sioux demonstrat…. I wholeheartedly agree with this, and will be offering my own prayers on this matter throughout […]

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