The Wild Hunt: The Tiger’s Leap


DAPL security truck on fire, October 27.

My The Wild Hunt article “The Tiger’s Leap” starts with Walter Benjamin’s theories about the constant “emergency situation,” especially as experienced by Black and Brown people in the United States. It further explores his ideas about the “moment of danger,” “exploding the continuum of history” and relating to the past through “the tiger’s leap into that which has gone before […] into the open sky of history.” It then looks at calls to “make it impossible for this system to govern on stolen land” and the anti-DAPL struggle in particular.


2 responses to “The Wild Hunt: The Tiger’s Leap

  • lornasmithers

    I found it really interesting how you brought together Benjamin’s notion of
    ‘seizing the past in the moment of danger’ and the Olympian water protectors’ statement “as we hold down the tracks in Olympia, we resonate across more than one time and place.” This relates to Standing Rock, and struggles to preserve our sacred watercourses globally including those threatened by fracking here in Lancashire. All connected and these movements can draw a magical strength from one another across time and place.

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