TWH: Loki and Dionysos

loki and dionysos

My latest article at The Wild Hunt is up. It’s about Loki, Dionysos, Nietzsche, Wagner, and Fate.

8 responses to “TWH: Loki and Dionysos

  • Hosting of the Sidhe

    I read this and it was a great read! one think I really took notice of however was how you mentioned that Nietzsche was very much against anti-semitism. (as he should be haha) but it’s just kinda ironic to me how many white supremacist pagans cite him. weird.

    • Heathen Chinese

      Thanks! Nietzsche’s personal opposition to anti-Semitism is very important to me. His writings are complex, and I think he’d agree that there isn’t one “true” way to read them and that different interpretations may very well be in irreconcilable conflict with one another. In that spirit, I don’t think we should cede Nietzsche’s philosophy to the fascists, especially since it’s clear that he himself was violently opposed to anti-Semitism.

  • aediculaantinoi

    This was an interesting read, as you never fail to produce…but even more interesting considering today is Wagner’s birthday, as well as my own! So, thank you for that! 😉

  • finnchuillsmast

    I really enjoyed it. A ward against nihilism indeed!

  • lornasmithers

    Thanks for sharing this. Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ led me to paganism and his artist’s metaphysics has been been deeply influential on how I view the world and the gods and art even though I feel more connection with the British than the Greek and Germanic myths.

    I like what you say about Loki’s burning cunning and Dionysos’ ectastic tragedy transcending boundaries in the service of fate and having a dissolving function that cannot be bound. It’s my belief that many of the other gods have similar qualities that cannot be contained.

    Yes, there is a value in seeing this dissolution and coming to be of a new world is taking place now and that it can be joyous as well as heart-rending.

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