TWH: Review of Star.Ships


My June article for The Wild Hunt was a review of Gordon White’s Star.Ships: A Prehistory of the Spirits.


2 responses to “TWH: Review of Star.Ships

  • aediculaantinoi


    Have been thinking a lot about Göbekli Tepe lately, as I am going to begin my World Civilizations course for the Summer quarter next week…and I’ve been watching YouTube videos on/by Terence McKenna and Graham Hancock lately, too. 😉

    That last comment on the TWH post is a real winner…crikey.

    • Heathen Chinese

      As a polytheist/animist who has been heavily influenced by critiques of “civilization” (in the sense of class-stratified societies usually made possible by control of agricultural surplus and usually centered around cities), learning about Göbekli Tepe has revolutionary for me, since it shows that temples predate what is usually called civilization. Good luck with your upcoming course!

      That last comment is spam, they’ve been copy-and-pasting it elsewhere as well.

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