TWH: California Wildfires


My latest article at The Wild Hunt is up, it is about the California wildfires.

7 responses to “TWH: California Wildfires

  • aediculaantinoi

    Very interesting article for a variety of reasons…

    • Heathen Chinese

      Thanks! I’m curious what in particular you found interesting. Feel free to email me privately, too, if that is better.

      • aediculaantinoi

        When I have a bit of time, I’ll certainly do that…you can probably guess at least some of it in the meantime, though! 😉

      • aediculaantinoi

        (Things have been ridiculously busy lately, and we just had our other campus on lockdown for a few hours due to an active shooter…the shooter was fleeing from elsewhere, and while they think the suspect is out of the area now, they’ve cancelled all classes on that campus for the remainder of the day and evening. Our campus was locked down as well for a while due to the “district-wide” treatment that too many things at this institution receive, and even after it was lifted for us, it still took 20 minutes for them to open up some doors on buildings again…eeesh!)

      • Heathen Chinese

        Damn, that seems a bit overboard to shut down both campuses, glad you’re ok though. I’ve also been very busy, so I totally understand that. Look forward to reading your thoughts.

  • lornasmithers

    The fires sound terrible… Your piece has made me recall that when I was working on the foreword to ‘The Fire is Here’ I was looking into parallels between Prometheus and Loki and came across this series of articles connecting Loki with ‘Scorched Earth’ –
    Must be desperate times if prisoners are fighting the fires. I like the way you’ve brought into a more positive side to fire – liberation. Fire is such a dangerous, ambivalent, uncontrollable thing.

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