TWH: Psychogeography


10th Century Mural of Mount Wutai in the Mogao Caves, over 1200 miles away

This month’s column is on psychogeography, namely the study and practice surrounding the effect of place upon the psyche and the importance of the psyche within the landscape.

4 responses to “TWH: Psychogeography

  • aediculaantinoi

    I like how you made a direct connection between psychogeography and feng shui…much the same could be said about the Irish tradition of dindshenchas as well.

  • lornasmithers

    I came across and was drawn to psychogeography long before I knew about animism when I was studying William Blake who is often cited as one of the earliest psychogeographers (although his mythic and visionary relationship with London and its revolutionary powers ran much deeper). For me psychogeography seems to be a modern conceptualised version of animism practiced mainly in cities. I agree modernisation has stripped us of our relationship with the spirits of our cities. It’s going to take a long long while to crack the concrete and win that back.

    • Heathen Chinese

      Yeah, I was introduced to psychogeography long before I was a consciously practicing animist as well. William Blake has been a major influence on me too. I like your description of psychogeography. It may be that having a truly healthy relationship with cities is not really possible, but as long as we’re stuck in them, we have to navigate them as well as we can.

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