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Offering One Spiritual Protection Consultation!

anti evil eye

As a perk for the Strong Roots Wide Branches Pan-Polytheist Temple fundraiser, I am offering one spiritual protection consultation in exchange for a $70 donation:

One hour consultation on spiritual protection, specializing in work with ancestors of family and tradition. May include divination on specific problems, targeted spirit-work, and facilitation of stronger relationships with your own protectors. Available in person or online.

I also encourage everyone to check out the other new perks, including Bay Area honey harvested on Day of the Dead, beautiful artwork, and more!


Fundraiser: Strong Roots Wide Branches Polytheist Temple

srwb tree

Help us put on a Pan-Polytheist Temple and Hospitality Suite at Pantheacon 2018!

Our suite will provide a fully functioning, dedicated Pan-Polytheist temple space for prayers and offerings. We will also provide Polytheist-focused classes, rituals, workshops, and spiritual triage services. We are dedicated to providing inclusive, safe, and welcoming space for all con attendees.

The main focus of our Temple hospitality suite will be to provide space for folks to worship and meaningfully connect with their Blessed Powers in the ways best suited to their personal paths and traditions, within what is possible in a shared hotel space!  We will also be providing spiritual triage services as needed, including spiritual cleansings, divination, and other services. Though our main focus will be providing open worship space in our Temple and hospitality to both our human and divine guests, here is a small sampling of some of the rituals, classes, and workshops that we will also be offering at the Suite:


·         Matronae Devotional

·         Honoring the Ancestors of Resistance (in which I will be a lead ritualist!)

Classes and Workshops:

·         Polytheist Meet & Greet

·         Introduction to Polytheist Beliefs and Practices

·         Irish Polytheism 101

·         Gathering for Polytheist Trauma Survivors

·         Introduction to the Matronae Cultus

·         Furious Revels! Parades and Processionals Throughout Europe (and the

opportunity to get costumed up for one!)


The Wild Hunt Article: The Migration Crisis

Ulpiano Checa, Invasion of the Barbarians or The Huns approaching Rome. Credit: Public Domain.

Ulpiano Checa, Invasion of the Barbarians or The Huns approaching Rome. Credit: Public Domain.

My latest article for The Wild Hunt, “The Migration Crisis,” is now up.

Many Gods West Reportback

I am now a monthly columnist at The Wild Hunt. My first piece is a reportback on the Many Gods West conference.

Drought and Religion, ACTION

I have a guest post at The Wild Hunt entitled “Drought and Religion” about the current ongoing drought in California, historical and contemporary polytheist perspectives on drought’s religious implications, and the history of drought-related to political and economic conflicts.

I also have an interview entitled “Ancestors, Ancient Culture, and Old Gods” in the Litha 2015 issue of ACTION, the newsletter of the Alternative Religions Education Network (AREN). Sadly, this is the last issue of ACTION, by mutual decision of Christopher Blackwell (Editor and Chief Reporter) and Bill Kilborn (Web Guy).


Book Review: Almanac of the Dead

Tucson. Credit: Matthew Schallan.

Tucson, Arizona. Credit: Matthew Schallan.

I have a review of Leslie Marmon Silko’s novel Almanac of the Dead published at Gods and Radicals.

Are The Gods On Our Side?

Boxer, Gansu Brave, Tiger-man

I have an essay for Gods and Radicals entitled “Are The Gods On Our Side?” I use Guan Di as a case study to analyze the implications of both sides of a conflict (such as the class struggle) praying to the same god(s).