List of Many Gods West Write-ups

If you wrote about your experiences or typed up the text of your presentation at Many Gods West and it is not on the list below, leave a comment and I’ll edit this post to include it.

Texts/audio of offerings/rituals/presentations:

  1. Contributions to Skaði’s Shrine Room Prayer Box
  2. DeoMercurio: Kalends of August ritual handouts, script, etc.
  3. Finnchuill: Becoming Placed – Part I
  4. Heimlich A. Laguz: Dreaming, Death, & Memory: Sketches for a Heathen Cosmology (audio with powerpoint slides)
  5. John Beckett: Preparing the Way of the Gods
  6. L. Phaedras: Engaging with Anonymous Spirits – Part I; Part II
  7. Morpheus Ravenna: Deep Polytheism: On the Agency and Sovereignty of the Gods (keynote address)
  8. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus: Opening and Closing Rituals
  9. Rhyd Wildermuth: What Do They Mean?
  10. Sean Donahue: Restoring Life to Death


  1. Brennos Agrocunos: Pagan, Polytheist, or Both? Why Labels are Sometimes Important
  2. Danica Swanson: Reflections on the Many Gods West conference
  3. DeoMercurio: Report-back from Olympia! Part I; Part II; Part III
  4. Dver: We were filled with frenzy (Dionysos ritual)
  5. Ember Cooke: Many Gods West – Friday; Saturday day; Saturday night; Sunday afternoon; Closing and Aftermath
  6. Éirinn nighean Brìghde: Many Gods, Many Blessings
  7. Finnchuill: The Many Gods West Report; Pictures
  8. Fjothr Odinsdottir Lokakvan: Many Gods West; Snow in Summer (Skaði shrine)
  9. Gwion Raven: Many Gods West – Many Reasons to Attend
  10. Heathen Chinese: Many Gods West
  11. Jason Mankey: Many Gods, Many Paganisms
  12. John Beckett: Many Gods West
  13. L. Phaedras: Many Gods West – Part I; Part II; Part III
  14. Nicstoirm: The Experience; The People & Panels; The Hopes
  15. Niki Whiting: Many Gods, Many Peoples, Many Experiences
  16. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus: Many Gods West 2015: A Success!; Other Rituals at MGW; Sessions at MGW; Earth Goddesses Uprising
  17. Rhyd Wildermuth: The Land Across The Water (Matronae ritual); Dahut At the Floodgate
  18. Syren Nagakyrie: Many Gods West: Magic and Liberation in the PNW
  19. Tempest: Many Gods, Many Minds, Many Truths

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